Missouri Right to Life

Jennell Houts is the only candidate in District 28 to be endorsed by Missouri Right to Life, the state's leading pro-life organization. 

Mark Alford
Candidate for Congress

"I fully support and endorse Jennell Houts for the 28th District of the Missouri House of Representatives because Jennell has the strong conservative values and heart for people that will best serve the people of the 28th district. Jennell's solid Christian character and leadership is needed in our state now more than ever. She is not a politician but rather has her finger on the pulse of the people, listening to their concerns and will be a strong voice in Jeff City."

Ron Freeman
Speaker and Community Leader

"I am proud to endorse Jennell Houts for Missouri State Representative. She is a woman of passion and conviction. She will work hard for the people of her district and our state. She is a principle driven leader who will do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do! I hope she can count on your vote!"

Missouri Firearms Coalition Rating - 100%

Jennell Houts is the only candidate who has received a 100% rating from the Missouri Firearms Coalition, the strongest pro-2nd Amendment organization in Missouri.